Project 1:

I have been experimenting with Adobe inDesign, and this is my first result using it – a Nokia 7650 retro-review. The actual work only took me a few days to complete, but the research behind the extensive tools set available under Adobe inDesing took me good several months. I must say I really enjoy the freedom it offers for me as a writer. No longer I have the necessity to rely entirely on the limiting and boring carbon copy blog layouts for my articles.

(Click on the image to view it full size)

There’re several things I wish to implement in my future projects:

  1. User experience graph, offering a visual representation as well as textual of author’s personal impressions in a closed time frame (1 hour?)
  2. The most frequently used apps the author used with the device, and that would also highlight the typical usage scenarios
  3. A more refined specifications sheet, along with a comparison table to the best possible alternatives of the product
  4. More work on text formatting, column width, etc.

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