A visual guide to… Nokia E7


With summer in full swing, there’s now enough free time to do a bit of  housekeeping here on PhoneSpot. I planned to re-post this E7 ‘visual guide’ on my personal blog but got bogged down with other things.

Until now that is.

The project was my first of a kind and thus quite time consuming. I needed a  new challenge in approaching  my phone reviews, the old and tired format with chunks of text and pics wasn’t enough for me…

The new format, introduced with this Nokia E7 ‘visual guide’ (or infographic, if you must), offers an added layer of freedom for me to experiment with the design and layout of my articles… The idea is to offer readers a visually attractive, easy to read and informative piece that addresses both good and bad sides of the product in question.

I’ve received a lot of positive and useful feedback from readers on MyNokiaBlog where the piece was first published, so I’m excited to put what I’ve learned so far to good use in my upcoming project.

(Click on the image to expand it)

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