My love & hate relationship with the best ‘phone’ ever

Nokia N900

I’ve spent close to 5 moths with this respectable big lady so I think it’s time to put all the cards on the table and reveal my position towards Nokia’s Maemo 5 mobile computer, the Nokia N900.

I love:

1. The web browser, heavy flash support and load speed

2. The incognito looks, no risks taken with the design, yet it simply works

3.  X-Terminal command console allows going down the rabbit hole as deep as you want with it

4. The VoIP and IM accounts integration, easy to setup and go!

5. Massive mass storage memory, but again, not for most of the apps


I hate:

1. The music player – Together with video and internet radio, no integrated default podcasting app and can’t change the volume while the screen is locked

2. The hardware sometimes doesn’t keep up with the premise of  a mobile computer, 1GB of memory is a marketing trick

3. Root access memory is a pitiful amount – 31Mb gets filled up if developers are lazy with coding

4. Still no portrait mode in all the of menus, at least it should be supported by all default apps!

5. Fiddly little key lock switch, better off on the right side of the device together with the volume keys, with 3.5 mm audio jack on the top of the device (if held in vertical position)

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