In this section I’m posting my favorite writings that aren’t directly related to phones. Some of them are big projects I haven’t finished yet but may do so in the future.


Blade Runner [review pt1]: Future Denied

Nothing less than a cinema phenomenon and a long evolving sci-fi classic, even after nearly 28 years Blade Runner still occupies viewers mind’s, across many generations.

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My Movie Highlights of 2009

With the year 2010 coming to full swing, but not quite there yet with quality movie releases, it’s a good time to check back on some of the previous year’s biggest tittles that you simply can’t afford to miss out. Here’s my Top 5 picks:

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[fanfiction] Halo: Extinction

– Other meetings –

Small halos played rings of light around the intense light that partly illuminated the corridor, which was usually filled with darkness. Suddenly the lights sparkled ghostly white and revieled the partly open doorway beyond the dark walls. Throughout the narrow opening a wide room could be seen. The room was in utter chaos and had little free space to move around, despite it’s generous proprotions. There were books cramped on the rabbles, and the shelves were filled with numerous data banks. Scattered voices that seemed to come from far away went louder…

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