Know your time with BigBen S60

After releasing the comprehensive tools package Swiss Manager Pro and the focused RAMblow, our good friends over at CellPhoneSoft have released yet another useful application with a very foretelling name – BigBen S60. However BigBen S60 is not just a simple screensaver clock for Symbian 3rd and 5th edition  smartphone, it has some other neat features I will look into in this review, coupled with a set of screenshots  for you to enjoy.

But before we move on, let’s have a look on some of the major features promised by the developer:

  • Combined screensaver, key lock and reminder application.
  • Large digital and analog clocks easily seen from a distance.
  • Selection of various backgrounds and colors.
  • Key lock triggered by idle time, flip switch, and other events.
  • Visible and audible reminders for missed calls, alarms and messages.
  • Hourly chime with selectable sound.
  • To start with, BigBen lets the user choose between two clock types: digital and analog, and then customize their appearance and behavior to heart’s content. Anyone using S60 applications developed by CellPhoneSoft should be already quite familiar with how all the menus are organized in BigBen. While BigBen interface is a bit straightforward, it’s still functional and easy to use.

    BigBen screensaver lock can be triggered in different ways. The application competently locks the screen after set amount of time like one would expect, but turning the screen on again can be done either by using the dedicated unblock switch or  by pressing the call key. From the pop-up window it’s possible to choose if the screensaver will remain visible in idle mode or toggle additional on-screen information. Tapping the ‘restore’ option it’s easy to be quickly return back to the BigBen main menu view.

    The settings menu offer some extensive options like changing the size and color of the clock and date, opt for a more suitable background image and even put your own custom text. Like I mentioned before, the available options are not hard to use while ensuring at the same time BigBen will work exactly how the user wants it.

    BigBen also incorporates a handy feature that let’s you see upcoming tasks directly on the screensaver next to the usual notifications like missed calls, sms or emails. Customizable sound alarms will ensure that you won’t miss any of those events.

    As you can see from the number of screenshots, BigBen S60 comes with a healthy amount of options to choose from. Saying that I’ve missed this sort of application on my Samsung I8910HD since a long time would be an understatement. BigBen is as simple as it is effective, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for when trying to boost my smartphone experience. The application is especially worth a look for smartphone owners with large high-resolution touchscreens.

    BigBen S60 is out now for a complete set of Symbian 3rd and 5th edition smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson,  and you can also check whether the app suites your needs with a free demo available on the CellPhoneSoft download page.

    Author: Sergejs Cuhrajs

    Screens: Sergejs Cuhrajs

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