Just so you know: Nokia Daily App blog meet-up on the 26th January

First of all, I’m saving this to my personal blog because I believe it was a huge step forward for me in meeting and chatting with like-mined mobile enthusiasts, and all that in front of a running camera! My thoughts, complete with the videos of the meet-up, after a short jump!

The meet-up took place on the 26th of January (so about a month ago!) in the premises of friendly WomWorld/Nokia people in London , and was organized as a quick Q&A session with Robin Jewsbury, who’s the co-founder of Mippin and EyeMags. Naturally, the other side of the stick was us, the so called mobile enthusiasts (read- bloggers), trying to figure out the questions to the best of our abilities. To cut it short, the event was a really enjoyable and informative experience, even if a little ill prepared on my part! We took turns to ask various questions about Robin’s work as an S60 app developer, discussed the strengths and weaknesses of Ovi Store, and what makes a great app a successful one in terms of sales figures.

So without further adieu, I strongly suggest watching the attached video down below. And in case you’re wondering where am I, simply look for the guy with glasses and the worst possible case of foreign English accent 😀

YouTube Preview Image


The youtube video is a bit on the short side, so it’s best to watch the live stream version of the meet-up for the complete experience!

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