Give your Google phone a boost with these top free Android apps


Smartphones, first born as sophisticated business communication devices, are now all about applications. These programs – simply referred to as apps – grant us with the ability to easily shape our own, unique smartphone experiences. And thus, not surprisingly there are now tens of thousands of apps available on the Android Marketplace – the virtual go to place for a wide variety of apps and games.

But while it’s fun to explore at first, the experience can get daunting fairly quickly for users new to Google’s smartphone platform. The Android marketplace is booming these days with plenty of free, but also entirely useless apps, so this short list of must-have apps should help users grasp the basics.


There’s no denying that twitter has become immensely popular amongst social network users, and it’s bite-sized, 140 character messages are a perfect fit for staying up to date on the go with the latest news and trends. Not surprisingly then, there’s about a  dozen of twitter clients available for Android phones, but only a few of them can get the job done without any problems. What makes Tweetdeck come forward are the simple things. Next to the organized and easy to use interface, there’s a solid amount of features, including integration with popular online services like Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz.




Dropbox is a unique and incredibly useful application that allows users to synchronize files between the computer and mobile device, and vice versa. With this free app, it’s possible to transfer content over to the phone without having to rely on using data cables, provided, of course, internet connection is available.

Advanced Task Killer

By running several applications at once and also having constant online connectivity it’s easy to quickly run out of battery power, especially on older Android smartphones. Users who constantly run out of juice should give Advanced Task Killer a try – it automatically closes any unnecessary applications running in the background, thus cutting down phone’s energy consumption. The behavior of the app can be manually set according to user preferences.




ES File Explorer

Users often in need to manage local content on their mobile devices will find that a file explorer is a must. ES File Explorer doesn’t disappoint with it’s extensive set of features that allows the user to move, copy and delete files and complete folders that are stored on their devices. Novice users should be extra careful doing this, though.

Sweet Dreams

We remember to charge our phones during the night, but how often do we end up forgetting to switch off the volume in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises? Sweet Dreams can solve at least one part of the problem by automatically putting the phone to “sleep mode” during the quiet hours. After a configurable period of time, the app will single-handedly return the phone back to”normal” so you don’t have to.




StopWatch & Timer

Even for such a simple task as timing there’re no apps that can handle it as cunningly as StopWatch & Timer. First and foremost, it’s reliable, easy to use and can handle every situation, be it for sport or cooking. It supports landscape view mode to project larger digits, and can prevent phone from switching the screen off while the timer is active.


Pulse News Reader

Sure an RSS reader should be functional, but having a slick and eye-candy user interface wouldn’t hurt either. In case of Pulse News Reader, it only adds to the charm. News feeds can be imported through various sources including Google Reader, while sharing favorite stories to Facebook or Twitter is done in just a few taps. And who said reading news on a mobile isn’t fun?


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