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Nokia C7-00 camera… not quite what you’d expect!

Due to popular (kind of) demand, I’ve conducted a short yet conclusive test on the 8 Mpix camera capabilities of the Nokia C7-00. Similar fixed-focus or EDoF (Extended Depth of Field ) camera modules are also used in a pair of other Symbian^3 based Nokia smartphones like the C6-01 and the upcoming E7, so I think it’s safe to draw some parallels out of the results of this test.

To see how it goes, I’ve pitted the C7-00 against a seemingly run of the mill, average performing by today’s standards, 5 Mpix auto-focus camera in the Nokia N900. I like having my camera tests as varied with different phone models as possible, so in some shots I’ve also allowed HTC Desire to bring an outlandish flavor into the test. So let’s get going!

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HTC Desire vs N900 photo test: Fight!

Since it’s summer time I’ve taken quite a few photos with my test phones, and here’re a few personal favorites. In this particular test we will see the good old Nokia N900 show it’s Carl Zeiss muscles against a well know fighter from the Android land, the HTC Desire. Both are 5Mpix snapshooters but can’t be called photo-centric in any way, so I believe we can call it an even fight, at least under natural lighting. So let’s see how well they fare against each other…

Nokia N900

HTC  Desire

Lot’s of nice little detail shown by both 5Mpix cameras, but Nokia N900 in particular impresses with warm and life like colors. Judging solely on the end results, I’d pick the N900 as a clear winner here, even though the produced pics look much better on the HTC Desire AMOLED screen.

You can easily find the extended, full-res version of  Nokia N900 and HTC Desire camera sample gallery on my flickr page!