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s60 apps

UCWEB gets another update


A free web browser for symbian smartphones has been updated to v.6.3 .

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s60 apps

Starter kit for your smartphone

Not infrequently, the smartphone memory gets wiped clean off. This usually happens in 2 cases: either the phone was restored to it’s factory settings, or an firmware update has been applied. When it happens, all the stored data, be it contacts, photos or apps are forever gone . While it’s highly recommended to do so once in a couple of months to keep things fast on your mobile, the necessity of reinstalling back all the applications proves to be a real pain. More so, if you didn’t keep track on what kind of applications were installed before hand. Perhaps you don’t even have a proper app library on your PC. So, to make life a bit easier for s60 users, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most needed applications to start with. Jump over to see the full list and descriptions.

s60 apps

Mobile computing made better


Having a smartphone in possession, one can think that it should have more advanced math futures than simple phones. Wrong!  The built in calculator for s60 phones sadly doesn’t differ much from it’s brother on s40 powered phones. While there’re shareware solutions like Best Calc and NiceCalc to increase the functionality of your phone, I believe it’s a bit unfair to ask money for such widespread application as calculator…

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