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My final uni project – Digital Magazine

With now some spare time on my hands, I’ve finally begun shifting my attention to the expansive backlog of things I wanted to do with my blog. One of those things was uploading my Final Year Project. ‘N7’ is a digital magazine that was created to not only reflect my passion for magazines, writing, and mobile technology, but also the desire for more creative freedom over how my work is perceived by the readers. The main selling point of ‘N7’ is that it’s a unique way of thinking about technology, and it’s where every reader of ‘N7’ is part of that culture.


And a short extract from my Reflective Essay:

To conclude, page design has as much to do with function, as it does with graphic patterns. Design must not only make the article look visually attractive, but it also has to serve as an active extension of thoughts conveyed within the text. Whether the article will be truly effective depends on the designer’s ability to understand what the actual message of the text says. In real scenario, this means that the design and editorial teams must closely work together.

Hop onto the link below to check the magazine in all its glory.

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Staying ahead of your mobile Internet bills


Next to an incredible processing power, smartphones and tablets nowadays sport an impressive array of connectivity features aimed to provide its users with around-the-clock information from the web. Most current smartphones have become so seamlessly integrated with Internet that, except for making phone calls and sending text messages, most of the things you do on these mobile devices will involve the transmission of Internet data. If you’re not careful enough, this can get quite expensive. With this handy guide you’ll be able to stay ahead of your monthly Internet bills and still enjoy all of the features of your mobile devices.

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Feature Unboxing

Apple iPhone 4S unboxing gallery & some thoughts

The few people who follow me on twitter are probably well in the know but isn’t official until my own personal blog learns about this…. Yes, there’s indeed an iPhone in the house! Specifically, my house…

A phone that is probably the most controversial and widely talked about gadget since the dawn of the Internet, the Apple iPhone has accumulated as much fans as it gathered a healthy base of haters and doubters. Does that speak volumes about the product in question?

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Nokia N90: The Retrospective

(Full image size – 2.46 mb)

Howdy! Here’s something out of the depths of my heart… coming directly to your monitors (mobile screens?) – a retrospective featuring one of the very first Nseries crusaders.

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Android Feature

Android and Ubuntu Linux breathes new life into HP TouchPad


With a sharp 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen and decent dual-core processor ticking underneath, the HP TouchPad is a competent tablet. It’s now attractive more than ever thanks to the mind-boggling price of $99. But whether you’ve managed to snatch one during the fire sale or not, one of the ongoing concerns remain – is there a future for HP’s webOS?

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A new addition to my photo collection…

I’ve realized my phone camera collection is still missing one very important member, and that is, the mobile photography grandmaster Nokia N90. I’m fixing this now by adding these two macro-pics of my own:


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A visual guide to… Nokia E7


With summer in full swing, there’s now enough free time to do a bit of  housekeeping here on PhoneSpot. I planned to re-post this E7 ‘visual guide’ on my personal blog but got bogged down with other things.

Until now that is.

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Android Feature

Give your Google phone a boost with these top free Android apps


Smartphones, first born as sophisticated business communication devices, are now all about applications. These programs – simply referred to as apps – grant us with the ability to easily shape our own, unique smartphone experiences. And thus, not surprisingly there are now tens of thousands of apps available on the Android Marketplace – the virtual go to place for a wide variety of apps and games.

But while it’s fun to explore at first, the experience can get daunting fairly quickly for users new to Google’s smartphone platform. The Android marketplace is booming these days with plenty of free, but also entirely useless apps, so this short list of must-have apps should help users grasp the basics.

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Best from the past: Nokia 7650

There’s something truly special about this phone. Released in 2002, it was a status symbol, a phone of dreams that only but few could afford. And back then, it was a sign of paradigm shift for phones that introduced multi-tasking and built-in camera to a relatively simple simple to use phone.

It was, after all, quite the looker. With stylish and sleek curves pervading its all-plastic body, and weird gizmos hovering around the earpiece, and, finally, the oddly shaped yet fully usable numeric keypad, the 7650 was a messenger from the future. Even the SIM card slot is located at the top of the device, and not where you’d typically expect it to be. It was a wild idea all around, so it’s no wonder this Nokia phone was showcased alongside the epic sci-fi flick, Minority Report.

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Up close and personal with ‘Evening with Ovi’

Here’s something you guys might be interested to see (if you haven’t done so already) –  a recording of a small event held on the final evening before Nokia World 2010 had kicked off. There, many familiar Ovi services were discussed and explained by people working at Nokia/ Ovi like Jan Bonnevier aka ‘App man’, or Pino from Nokia’s Ovi blog, and all that, in a relaxing, dimly lit environment with free drinks – the perfect warm up for the Nokia World craze that was looming ahead of us the very next day.

Not incidentally, the new Nokia baby, the N8 was mentioned in more than a few occasions mainly for it’s superior media capabilities. Speaking of which, there was also a solid chance for bloggers to win a spanking new Nokia N8, and if my memory serves correctly, @mikemacias and @S60inside won the lottery, both of whom will probably receive their N8’s in the following weeks.

Anyway, you’ll get an idea of what the evening was like while watching the video, and perhaps even spot a few familiar faces in there… Since  the recording proved to be rather lengthy for the likes of YouTube, I’ve split it in two parts. Enjoy!

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