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HTC One (M8) Review – Steel perfect?

HTC One M8

How would you follow up one of last year’s most critically acclaimed smartphones? Would you break away from familiar ground in search of uniqueness? Stay the course, donning the proven formula ‘the more, the better’? Instead of mulling over these questions, the HTC One M8 sets out to accomplish what really matters to users. Continue reading “HTC One (M8) Review – Steel perfect?” »

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Android and Ubuntu Linux breathes new life into HP TouchPad


With a sharp 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen and decent dual-core processor ticking underneath, the HP TouchPad is a competent tablet. It’s now attractive more than ever thanks to the mind-boggling price of $99. But whether you’ve managed to snatch one during the fire sale or not, one of the ongoing concerns remain – is there a future for HP’s webOS?

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Give your Google phone a boost with these top free Android apps


Smartphones, first born as sophisticated business communication devices, are now all about applications. These programs – simply referred to as apps – grant us with the ability to easily shape our own, unique smartphone experiences. And thus, not surprisingly there are now tens of thousands of apps available on the Android Marketplace – the virtual go to place for a wide variety of apps and games.

But while it’s fun to explore at first, the experience can get daunting fairly quickly for users new to Google’s smartphone platform. The Android marketplace is booming these days with plenty of free, but also entirely useless apps, so this short list of must-have apps should help users grasp the basics.

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