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Why do we use a smartphone?



I was doing some spring cleaning and stumbled upon this piece. It was supposed to be published back in July in 2010 but I believe there are some nuggets of wisdom that are still true in this day and age of connected devices.


I recently had an argument with a friend whether one actually needs a smartphone, and that, by the way, comes from an owner of Nokia 7210 that does the groundwork for connectivity and backed up by the happy abundance of games on his iTouch. A fairly silly and harmless discussion on it’s own, but for me, it  shook the very foundation of my great passion. And it got  me thinking like never before.

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Playstation Vita. The Review.

How does Sony’s new gaming handheld stack up against PSP and smartphone gaming in general? And, perhaps more importantly, is Playstation Vita the ultimate portable PS3 experience we’ve all been waiting for?

Amazon Kindle: E-Ink for the masses

The latest e-reader from Amazon, simply named – Kindle – was announced in September alongside with the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. Even though Kindle is the most affordable e-reader out there, it is also the most basic model of the three, so there’s very little room for mistakes here. Did Amazon successfully deliver what it promised with the new Kindle?

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Apple iPhone 4S unboxing gallery & some thoughts

The few people who follow me on twitter are probably well in the know but isn’t official until my own personal blog learns about this…. Yes, there’s indeed an iPhone in the house! Specifically, my house…

A phone that is probably the most controversial and widely talked about gadget since the dawn of the Internet, the Apple iPhone has accumulated as much fans as it gathered a healthy base of haters and doubters. Does that speak volumes about the product in question?

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Nokia N90: The Retrospective

(Full image size – 2.46 mb)

Howdy! Here’s something out of the depths of my heart… coming directly to your monitors (mobile screens?) – a retrospective featuring one of the very first Nseries crusaders.

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Sony to end the joint venture of Sony Ericsson with a 1.05 billion Euro buyout

The joint venture of Sony Ericsson has come to a close, with Sony buying and gaining complete control of Ericsson’s mobile operations for 1.05 billion Euros. The takeover is expected to be finalized in January 2012.

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The Nokia N9 review. Part 2.

In the first half of my review, I was thoroughly impressed with the hardware aspect of Nokia N9. Now it’s time to dive into the software department of this unique phone, and things are starting to look even more intriguing…

The Nokia N9 review. Part 1.

The long and controversial journey of Nokia N9 is finally over. Whether or not one should be worried that it’s the first and last MeeGo phone from Nokia, one thing is clear – it’s an incredible smartphone worthy of attention.

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The passing of a titan: Steve Jobs dies at the age of 56

Steve Jobs, the co-founder and chairman of Apple, has died at the age of 56. The shocking news came just 2 months after Steve officially stepped down from his position as company’s CEO.

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A new addition to my photo collection…

I’ve realized my phone camera collection is still missing one very important member, and that is, the mobile photography grandmaster Nokia N90. I’m fixing this now by adding these two macro-pics of my own:


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