Apple releases iPad 2 in a bid to fortify it’s dominance in the tablet market

Apple CEO Steve Jobs dubbed 2011 as “the year of iPad 2” as he took wraps off the next version of company’s incredibly successful tablet.

The natural evolution of iPad sees it become thinner, lighter and faster, while also keeping the same price point as it’s popular predecessor that was released a year ago.

Steve Jobs admitted it was “an exceptional first year” and that the Cupertino based company would like to “build” on the success of the first iPad.

Apple’s new tablet comes with “all new design”, that allowed it to maintain a slimmer profile than it’s predecessor and even iPhone 4. The performance has been “dramatically” improved thanks to the new A5 1 GHz dual-core processor while the battery life is promised to remain the same as the original iPad.

The screen size and resolution, however, remain unchanged.

Another notable improvement over the original iPad is the video output that now supports 1080p resolution. The necessary adapter, however, must be purchased separately.

There’re also front and rear facing cameras that will give users the ability to make video calls through Apple’s signature FaceTime application.

Apple also announced and showcased two new apps running on the iPad 2 – video editing suite called iMovie, and a music creation application GarageBand. Aside from having extensive set of features aimed at wide audiences, these apps will have a very approachable price.

Among other new additions, the iPad 2 supports magnet attachable “Smart Covers” that protect the screen and also serve as a vertical stand for the device when folded together. A very useful feature is that it automatically wakes the device when the cover is opened, and puts it right back to sleep when closed.

Although with fewer ground-shaking surprises, the introduced improvements will ensure that the iPad 2 continues to look strong in the wake of the rising competition from tablets running on Google’s Android operating system.

The latest iteration of iPad will come out in both black and white color variants, and is said to hit UK store shelves on the 25th of March.


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