Apple iPhone 4S unboxing gallery & some thoughts

The few people who follow me on twitter are probably well in the know but isn’t official until my own personal blog learns about this…. Yes, there’s indeed an iPhone in the house! Specifically, my house…

A phone that is probably the most controversial and widely talked about gadget since the dawn of the Internet, the Apple iPhone has accumulated as much fans as it gathered a healthy base of haters and doubters. Does that speak volumes about the product in question?

Whatever the case my be, the steady success of iPhone sales since its launch in 2007 has catapulted Apple into a headlong battle with Samsung, the second largest vendor of mobile phones in the world. And the battle is still ongoing, with the current favourites, iPhone 4S on one hand, and the Android juggernaut – the Samsung Galaxy S2 – fighting for consumers attention on the other. Meanwhile, Nokia is already well on it’s way to start the fightback with its Windows Phone smartphones, with some very promising results…

So while I’m currently ejoying my iP4S, there’s really no telling where my preference might shift to next: it could be that I stick to my solid iOS app & games library on the iPhone, it could be I decide to jump back to Android with its expanded customizing possibilities, or it could very well be that I decide in favour of Windows Phone camp, and the broad range of Microsoft & Nokia services it offers.

While the brand loyalty is always important, I think its importance has slightly faded with the rise of online app stores and services. When you start investing real cash buying apps, games & other services for a specific mobile platform – that is when the vital battle for consumer hearts and wallets is taking place. A battle not for today or the day after that…. It is a battle for the future. The purchase of the necessary hardware – mobile phone – is but a first, albeit important, step. Time’s changed.

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