Android and Ubuntu Linux breathes new life into HP TouchPad


With a sharp 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen and decent dual-core processor ticking underneath, the HP TouchPad is a competent tablet. It’s now attractive more than ever thanks to the mind-boggling price of $99. But whether you’ve managed to snatch one during the fire sale or not, one of the ongoing concerns remain – is there a future for HP’s webOS?

While some users might be perfectly content with the few hundred apps that are readily available for TouchPad’s webOS, the selection is still far too limited in comparison to Android or other platforms. With HP shutting down the production of the tablet, there’s very little reason to believe that the situation will drastically improve. There seems, however, to be a light at the end of the tunnel, as several – albeit unofficial – projects emerge that aim to bring Android and Ubuntu Linux to HP’s ill fated tablet.

To begin with, the team behind CyanogenMod7 has provided easy to follow instructions to install Android 2.3. While it’s far from being finished, the project already shows a lot of promise, and most of the hardware features – including graphics acceleration and multitouch input – are working on the HP TouchPad.

A bit more skill might be needed in order to get Ubuntu Linux running on the HP TouchPad. Admittedly, the project is still rough around the edges, but users willing to get their hands dirty can already install and run a number of different applications including web browsers and office software.

It’s still a bit early to say with certainty, but TouchPad appears to be well on its way on getting back on its feet thanks to the incredible dedication of the modding community, proving once more that there’s life after death for some lucky gadgets out there.


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