A new addition to my photo collection…

I’ve realized my phone camera collection is still missing one very important member, and that is, the mobile photography grandmaster Nokia N90. I’m fixing this now by adding these two macro-pics of my own:


You really have to put things into perspective to understand what makes Nokia N90 such a milestone in camera phone evolution. In year  2005, Nokia N90 jump-started Neseries – a powerful multi-media smartphone line  – and was also the first phone to grace the high-quality camera optics from a well known manufacturer Carl Zeiss.

The amount of detail you get from this 2Mpix Auto-focus camera never ceases to amaze me. I can only imagine that N90 would fare quite well against most current mid to high end smartphone cameras were the sensor a tad larger, say 5Mpix.

The whole process of taking pictures with N90 is a pure joy thanks to its unique form factor that closely resembles a portable camera. It goes without saying that I really miss it in this age of identical looking touch-sensitive slabs that are quite awkward to handle while capturing photos or videos.

Someone might have noticed my collection isn’t growing at a steady pace it used to, and that someone would be absolutely right (and then some!). I can most positively admit that, despite my willingness to hunt for a great photo opportunity hasn’t run dry, the number of shots I made using a phone camera went on a frightening downward spiral since I sold my last Nokia phone, the N900.

And so, my current phone camera is that of HTC Desire’s, which, for the lack of better way of putting it, is plain dull. I’ve managed some eye-pleasing photos with it – yes – but the credit goes mostly to the brilliance behind the captured moment and not in the execution.

It’s quite obvious I’m well overdue for an upgrade, yet the timing demands me to wait a couple more months to learn what the big players have in store for us. In all honesty though, I will be still quite happy with a 5 Mpix camera in my next smartphone. But here’s the catch – the camera must have great optics that I can trust to bear consistent and, most of all, enjoyable results. Here’s hoping!

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