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HTC One (M8) Review – Steel perfect?

HTC One M8

How would you follow up one of last year’s most critically acclaimed smartphones? Would you break away from familiar ground in search of uniqueness? Stay the course, donning the proven formula ‘the more, the better’? Instead of mulling over these questions, the HTC One M8 sets out to accomplish what really matters to users. Continue reading “HTC One (M8) Review – Steel perfect?” »


My final uni project – Digital Magazine

With now some spare time on my hands, I’ve finally begun shifting my attention to the expansive backlog of things I wanted to do with my blog. One of those things was uploading my Final Year Project. ‘N7’ is a digital magazine that was created to not only reflect my passion for magazines, writing, and mobile technology, but also the desire for more creative freedom over how my work is perceived by the readers. The main selling point of ‘N7’ is that it’s a unique way of thinking about technology, and it’s where every reader of ‘N7’ is part of that culture.


And a short extract from my Reflective Essay:

To conclude, page design has as much to do with function, as it does with graphic patterns. Design must not only make the article look visually attractive, but it also has to serve as an active extension of thoughts conveyed within the text. Whether the article will be truly effective depends on the designer’s ability to understand what the actual message of the text says. In real scenario, this means that the design and editorial teams must closely work together.

Hop onto the link below to check the magazine in all its glory.

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Staying ahead of your mobile Internet bills


Next to an incredible processing power, smartphones and tablets nowadays sport an impressive array of connectivity features aimed to provide its users with around-the-clock information from the web. Most current smartphones have become so seamlessly integrated with Internet that, except for making phone calls and sending text messages, most of the things you do on these mobile devices will involve the transmission of Internet data. If you’re not careful enough, this can get quite expensive. With this handy guide you’ll be able to stay ahead of your monthly Internet bills and still enjoy all of the features of your mobile devices.

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First Class – HTC One X review

HTC’s vision of a perfect smartphone has grown bold, both in terms of design and features. The name itself – One X – should tell more than anything that HTC is confident that this is the smartphone you need in your life. Can this flagship droid deliver on these promises, and not only meet the expectations of HTC fans, but also manage to impress the world?

Motorola RAZR i Review – Part 2



Motorola RAZR i feels like an expensive watch – finely crafted and wielding that pleasant heft you only get with expensive build materials. Protected by the durable DuPont Kevlar woven fibre on one end and Corning Gorilla Glass on the other, the RAZR i is built to fight off mediocrity like no other phone. But is it ready to take on the second and perhaps even the most important part of the challenge, where its actual performance as a smartphone is measured to the limits? There’s only one way to know for sure…

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Motorola RAZR i Review – Part 1



Armed with an edge-to-edge display, aluminium frame and Kevlar back, the Motorola RAZR i sends out a clear message – it’s here to do business. Don’t be discouraged by its single-core 2GHz Intel processor amidst the dual and quad-core competition – there’s certainly enough processing power on the RAZR i to experience fluid performance. Specs, however, is but one important building block in the creation of an exquisite user experience – something that the Android market in particular has forgotten while obsessing over processor clock speeds or number of pixels on the screen. It’s in light of this then, the Motorola RAZR i feels like a revelation. Continue reading “Motorola RAZR i Review – Part 1” »


Why do we use a smartphone?



I was doing some spring cleaning and stumbled upon this piece. It was supposed to be published back in July in 2010 but I believe there are some nuggets of wisdom that are still true in this day and age of connected devices.


I recently had an argument with a friend whether one actually needs a smartphone, and that, by the way, comes from an owner of Nokia 7210 that does the groundwork for connectivity and backed up by the happy abundance of games on his iTouch. A fairly silly and harmless discussion on it’s own, but for me, it  shook the very foundation of my great passion. And it got  me thinking like never before.

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News Previews

The iPhone 5 is coming, and here’s what you need to know


After the usual barrage of speculations, rumours and some surprisingly accurate leaks, the sixth generation iPhone has finally made its official appearance. The iPhone 5 – as the Cupertino based company calls it – is noticeably lighter and slimmer than its predecessor while also packing a larger 4-inch display. With 4G LTE connectivity and twice the processing power under its hood, the world’s most-discussed gadget appears to be well poised to keep fans of Apple products well and happy for another year. Continue reading “The iPhone 5 is coming, and here’s what you need to know” »


Playstation Vita. The Review.

How does Sony’s new gaming handheld stack up against PSP and smartphone gaming in general? And, perhaps more importantly, is Playstation Vita the ultimate portable PS3 experience we’ve all been waiting for?


Amazon Kindle: E-Ink for the masses

The latest e-reader from Amazon, simply named – Kindle – was announced in September alongside with the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. Even though Kindle is the most affordable e-reader out there, it is also the most basic model of the three, so there’s very little room for mistakes here. Did Amazon successfully deliver what it promised with the new Kindle?

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